The Sweet Brew® System optimizes standard tea

The Sweet Brew® System optimizes standard tea brewing equipment simply by adding our proprietary Sweet Brew Funnel, the patented Sweet Brew Pouch, and our Dilution Jet Kit. These components work in sync during the brew process. The pouch holds the tea and the sugar, the funnel ensures the tea is perfectly steeped and the sugar dissolved, and the optional jet kit stirs and oxygenates the tea. Learn more by clicking the video to the left.

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Problem Solved

The most consumed beverage in the Southeastern portion of the U.S. is also the most time consuming to make. Luckily, the Sweet Brew System makes it much easier and it’s always consistently sweet. The Sweet Brew System is a huge win for owners, employees, and consumers! Watch the video to learn more.

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The Sweet Brew® System delivers consistently sweetened teas and Fresh Brewed Lemonade™ anywhere food is served. No business is too large or too small. Ask about how we can provide custom solutions for restaurants, hospitals, convenience stores, large franchise chains, and even entertainment venues!


Sweet Brew makes preparing fresh brewed sweet teas and lemonade a breeze—just drop the pouch in the funnel and press brew! The pouches come packed in stackable case boxes which can free up storage space!

Cost Effective

The Sweet Brew System takes the guesswork out of calculating your per brew expense.  It also reduces employee prep time and still comes in at a fraction of the cost of Carbonated Soft Drinks. Meaning you can actually BOOST your beverage profits!


The Sweet Brew Pouch contains just the right amount of sugar for your desired sweetness level.  No more measuring required—which means you can guarantee your customers a great glass of sweet tea or lemonade every time!


The sugar and the tea are in the same bag! That means no more messy mixing or measuring! It’s also Health Department compliant!

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