Easy as 1-2-3

The Sweet Brew System is easy and it uses standard commercial tea brewing equipment. The patented Sweet Brew Pouch, which combines tea & pure cane sugar, or our pure cane sugar sweetened lemonade blend works with the specially designed Sweet Brew Funnel. The funnel ensures proper steeping of the teas and melts the sugar during the brew process.

  1. The pouch goes into the funnel
  2. Funnel goes into the brewer.
  3. Press Brew!

Sweet Brew System Components:

The Patented Sweet Brew® Pouch

Simple solutions are usually the best—and combining both tea and sugar in the same pouch is revolutionizing the tea industry. Our patented, biodegradable mesh pouch was carefully designed and comprehensively tested to ensure perfect steeping when used with the Sweet Brew Funnel. Pouches can be sized for a variety of brews such as 3-gallon, 1.5-gallon and 1-gallon.

The Sweet Brew® Funnel

Proper steeping is the key to excellent fresh brewed beverages. We have developed a specially designed funnel to work exclusively with our patented pouch. The funnel works with most commercial tea brewing equipment.

Dilution Jet Kit

The Dilution Jet Kit is used to increase the flow pressure from the dilution spout. The increased water pressure stirs and aerates the tea, ensuring consistency in every glass and eliminating the need to stir. Each of our red funnels come with a Dilution Jet Kit and instructions for use.

Quality Ingredients

The Sweet Brew pouch combines the highest quality all-natural ingredients needed to prepare great tasting sweet tea and lemonade. We use only pure cane sugar and our teas are sourced directly from the finest growing regions in the world. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to deliver the perfect glass of all-natural fresh brewed tea or lemonade.

Properly Calibrated Equipment is Important!

Tea brewing equipment works best when properly calibrated. Equipment manufacturers recommend calibrating tea brewing equipment every 6 months. Our Brewer Calibration Kit uses specially designed measuring buckets that work with most commercial brewing equipment to make calibration easier than ever. We make this kit available to our customers along with printed instructions for use.

Why Sweet Brew Makes Sense!

Preparation is simple: the pouch goes in the funnel and you press brew! It is easier than ever to offer your customers the fresh brewed beverages they crave.
Cost Effective
Costing you less than traditional carbonated soft drinks, tea and lemonade offer much higher profit margins.
All of the ingredients needed to make fresh brewed sweet tea or lemonade are in the Sweet Brew Pouch. This makes preparation mistake-proof and ensures consistency in every brew.
No bulk storage required for additional ingredients. No more messy mixing or measuring.
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